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Adult's Class at the Aishinkan

Aishinkan Dojo offers instruction in aikido, taiho jutsu (police control arts), aiki buki (weapons), and Babao Arnis (a Filipino Martial Art). Some of our students also train in shinto muso ryu jo, a stick art over 400 years old. Aishinkan Dojo is affiliated with the Jiyushinkai Aikibudo organization. The Jiyushinkai is an independent group with roots in the teaching methods of Kano, Mifune, Ueshiba, Tomiki, Ohba, Nishioka, and Miyake senseis. Senior students in our system strive to impart to less experienced students the traditions, fundamental principles, and practical self-defense techniques of aikido. The committed student who takes the committed path of humble and focused practice will learn the traditions and principles of aiki that allow the student to achieve "original authority." Simply, the student makes the practice their own (the "do" of aiki-do). The student becomes the repositories of our traditional art and takes increasing responsibility for passing that art along to their juniors. And with original authority the committed and creative student begins to move beyond their teachers in unique and original ways, making their own contribution to the art.

Babao Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art system founded by the late Grand Master Narrie Babao (10th dan) based on Batangas Baston Arnis taught to him by his father Buenaventura "Turing" Babao, Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrido, and Villabrille Largusa Kali. Babao Arnis is a weapons based art, focusing on stick (baston), knife (daga), sword (bolo), and spear (bangkaw). The curriculum also includes empty hand training and weapons defense.

Visitors are always welcome. Please write or call to introduce yourself, to get acquainted and to set up a time to visit. Thanks.